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Stampin'Up! Incentive Trip...part 1

I'm finally getting a bit of time to post some photos of the Thailand Incentive trip we took last month. I am currently working on the next incentive trip to Alaska and the deadline to qualify is September 30th. I'm getting close but still working hard to achieve it. Less than 1% of demonstrators earn this trip every year. It's definitely a full time job for me. But, I LOVE IT!!!

First let me say that I've been a Demonstrator for 15 years. I love this job! I love it because I have met so many great friends. I love it because it allows me to work on the schedule that I want to work. I love it because it brings joy to others. And I love it because it's FUN, FUN FUN!!! I also enjoy the perks, but that's not why I do it. I also appreciate the income it brings me to help with things like camps (when the kids were younger), spending money, weddings (oh the pain of it all) and other things that come up. One of the wonderful perks and incentives that Stampin'Up! offers is the annual incentive trip. They used to offer weekend getaways and I was lucky enough to earn two of those, both to California. But once they stopped those, it was just the one big trip. Surprisingly, I earned the trip last year for the first time through sales from my wonderful customers and leadership through my awesome downline. After major fun and spoiling, I'm determined to earn it again. If not this year for the Alaskan Cruise, then next year for sure for the Greek Isles Cruise - yes, you heard me! They're heading for the Greek Isles - how awesome is that?!

Not everyone takes 15 years to earn the trip - lol! So it's completely possible for any Demonstrator to acheive this goal. I think about 450 earned the trip and there were over 700 people in Thailand (including guests, staff, board members, etc.). My favorite part of the trip was meeting Demonstrators from all over the world, getting a change to network and pick their brains and I even got to talk to and spend time with another Demonstrator from Arkansas. I thought I use 3 posts this week to share some of the great times we had.

When we arrived, there was a great basket of tropical fruits to snack on all week.

Everyone had a sign with their name on their door. Too cute!

The fabulous breakfast buffets (at three restaurants on sight) had an amazing selection of fruits and food including curries and some European specialties.

This was the view outside our balcony.

Samantha and I trying unsuccessfully to get a selfie.

The first thing on Monday morning was the opening session We sat next to some Demonstrators from the United Kingdom and met our new friend Monica Gale. She was so friendly and we had breakfast together later in the week. She was super fun, a font of knowledge and very inspiring.

After the opening session, we took a trip to Panong Bay for shopping and dinner. There was a truck broken down on the mountain road to town, so we were stuck on the bus for about an hour and a half and I sat next to an Australian farmer whose wife was from North Dakota. I learned all about the trials and tribulations of Australian farming - oh the mice! On that drive, we also saw a man riding his elephant on the side of the road. We ate dinner at one of the many restaurants in town and had some fancy fruit drinks.

We ended the evening with a trip to the Cabaret where the men dressed as women performers. Several people had said we should see it, so we did. LOL! The cab drivers were absolutely fabulous the whole time we were there. They took us places, then showed up to take us home after.

Each night we received a pillow gift. Here is the first one. Fortunately, I hadn't bought it yet!

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