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Stampin'Up! Incentive Trip ... part 2

The second day of our trip to Thailand started off with elephant trekking and a cultural heritage tour. After the elephants, we visited the largest temple complex on the island, a cashew processing plant and a farm where they showed us how to get latex from the tree and make it into rubber. Note that less than 1% of demonstrators earn this trip, so we were super pumped to go and meet other demonstrators from around the world.

At the farm, we had a short ox cart ride, then learned about the rubber trees and a demonstration on how they used to remove the hulls from rice. We also saw how much of the local produce was grown.

This man trained monkeys to pick coconuts.

We had lunch at the pool side restaurant (we ate there a few times).

We had a massage at the hotel in the afternoon then a fun dinner on the beach. The food was not that great, but the atmosphere was fun.

Wednesday was the group day. They took us all on speed boats out to a floating village, then canoeing in the caves and then a bar-b-que on the beach.

Apparently, this ginormous restaurant is very popular (we were there early in the day).

This was the school on the floating village.

Where the school children ate lunch.

This is where we met up with Kay Cogbill and her husband Clark from Little Rock.

We had a fabulous picnic lunch with Kay, Clark and a new board member and his lovely wife. Then took a stroll on the beach.

We went for a swim back at the hotel and once again had dinner and drinks at the poolside restaurant.

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