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My wall of fame...

I have a fabulous wall of fame board in my dining room where I hold my classes and I put up all the awesome handmade cards people send me. This morning, I took down all the wonderful Christmas and New Years cards I received, so I thought I'd share those with you today before I put them away.

Mary Harvey

Kathleen Williams

Kristin Kilman

Susan Bormann

Teresa Schile - my sister's first ever hand stamp Christmas card (colored by my mother)

Pam Crane

Sharon Milburn

This awesome Christmas gift was also from Sharon Milburn.

Gail Wilhelms - My aunt Gail has been doing some Stampin'Up! in Oregon!

Reta Daugherty

JoAnn Graham

Shirley Milliorn (my aunt in Tucson)

Vicki West (family in Georgia)

Kathleen Williams - This is Kathleen's New Year's painting - so cute!

I always enjoy receiving beautiful handmade cards in the mail, as I'm sure you do too. So send one now and brighten someone's day!!!

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