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My blog status and class payment updates...

Well, I haven't posted since July - my bad! LOL! To be completely honest, it takes a lot of time to come up with blog content, take good photos, edit photos and upload them with all the info needed to make it useful to my awesome viewers and customers. If you've attended classes lately, you know I've been super busy and have had no time to post on this blog. I try to post on my Facebook Group more often, so I would encourage you all to join our group, Crew Stampers Forum. I think that starting today, most of my posting will be in that group. I would honestly rather work on connecting with you on Facebook and have more time to do videos (my New Year's resolution) than spend so much time trying to post consistently. We have much better interaction there too. So, if you're not part of our group yet, please join us here.

However, I will try to post occasionally here with current promotions and other information as needed.

Now on to more exciting news - I've added a Class Registrations page to my website. From there, you can register and pay for a class without having to mail me a check or remember to bring it to class. I'm so excited! I've been wanting to do this for a while, and just needed a push to get it together. A big thank you goes out to JoAnn Graham (one of my awesome team members) who spent some time talking me through how to do it. Another thank you goes out to Rosamond Crawley (another great team member) who gave me the push to get it done. THANK YOU LADIES!!! I love my team and appreciate their help and input always!

I will include a link to the page in all upcoming emails, so if you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please let me know. I will work to keep improving and keeping up with technology.

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